Top 10 Law Firms in Chandigarh for Arbitration

” I respectfully agree with the judgment of Burn, J. Apparently, the attention of the Court was not drawn to the Rules aforesaid, particularly, Rules 2 and 3, which require (1) [1954] 25 I. State expressed the principle with its underlying reasons thus at p. On the interpretation of these words, there has been a conflict of judicial separation law firm in Chandigarh opinion, as will presently appear. The appellant on coming to know of this fact in the year 2006, filed an application, being Application No. Thus the question there raised was whether the Income-tax Officer was entitled in law to go behind the original cost accepted by his predecessor ever since the assessment year 1939-40.

” The Allahabad High Court in Ram Bali v. Provided that any scheme so settled, modified or substituted shall be in accordance with the law governing the trust and shall not be contrary to the wishes of the founder so far as such wishes can be ascertained. On behalf of the assessee-appellants, it has been contended that so long as the assessment has not been made, the assessees are entitled to have their firms registered in accordance with the terms of the Instrument of 82 650 Partnership, irrespective of the year in which the Instrument may have come into existence.

To the extent that full compensation for any rise or fall in indexed costs to the Contractor is not covered by the provisions of this or other Clauses in the Contract, the unit rates and prices included in the Contract shall be deemed to be include amount to cover the contingency of such other rise or fall in costs. (2) A scheme settled, modified or substituted instead of another scheme under this section shall, unless otherwise ordered by the District Judge on an application, if any, made under sub-section (3) come into force on a day to be appointed by the Board in this behalf and shall be published in the official gazette.

2 judicial separation law firm in Chandigarh to 9 including the deceased Vijay Mehta and alleged that they are liable for dismissal from their Trusteeship of the Trust for their acts of nonfeasance and malfeasance, inter alia, contending that they have abdicated their functions and duties as provided under the provision of Section 36A of the Act, after their acceptance as trustees in the said Trust as provided under Sections 46 and 47 of the Indian Trust Act, 1882, which is applicable to the fact situation of the present case.

Emperor (2) family advocate in Chandigarh which the learned Judge held that a statement under section 162 of the Code of Criminal Procedure cannot be filed in order to show that a witness is making statements in the witness box which he did not make to the police and that bare omission cannot be a contradiction. for himself’ what the actual cost of the machinery had been and that depreciation had to be calculated for every year and it was open to the Income-tax Officer not merely to perform ” a mathematical operation on (1) [1955] 29 I.

The observations of Mukherjea, J. The provisions of the Act, set out above, do not present any serious difficulty except for the words it constituted under an Instrument of Partnership ” occurring in s. 26A and judicial separation law firm in Chandigarh the relevant Rules. The Union of India (3) are relied on and they are: Strong judicial separation law firm in Chandigarh reliance was placed upon the decision of the Bombay High Court (Chagla, C. , in Ponnuswamy Chetty v. statement in writing made by a judicial separation law firm in Chandigarh witness before a police officer in the course of investigation can be used only to contradict his statement in the witness-box and for no other purpose; (2) statements not reduced to writing by the police officer cannot be used for contradiction; (3) though a particular statement is not expressly recorded, a statement that can be deemed to be part of that expressly recorded can be used for contradiction, not because it is an omission strictly so-called but because it is deemed judicial separation law firm in Chandigarh to form part of the recorded statement; (4) such a fiction is permissible by construction only in the following three cases: (i) when a recital is necessarily implied from the recital or recitals found in the statement ; illustration: It was held that neither the principle of res judicata nor estoppel nor the terms of s.

From the foregoing discussion the following propositions emerge: (1) A. The answer of the Court to the question posed, was that the firm could be registered not in respect of the assessment year for which the application had been made, but with effect from the date of the Instrument. 10 (2) (vi) of the Act prevented the Income-tax Officer from determining. 17 of 2006 under Section 41D of the Act before the Joint Charity Commissioner (for short “JCC”), making various allegations against the aforesaid respondent Nos.

The learned judge points out that, whilst a bare omission can never be a contradiction, a so-called omission in a statement may sometimes amount to a contradic- tion, for example, when to the police three persons are stated to have been the criminals and later at the trial four are mentioned. , as he then was, in Chiranjit Lal Chowdhuri v. ) in the case of Dwarkadas Khetan but they proceeded further to observe that there was no objection to the firm being treated as having been constituted Direction Under Section 482 Lawyer in Chandigarh judicial separation law firm in Chandigarh the Instrument as from the date of the judicial separation law firm in Chandigarh Instrument itself.

13(1) and 13 (2) means only ” unenforceable ” against persons claiming fundamental rights, and judicial separation law firm in Chandigarh the law continues to be in the statute book irrespective of the fact that it was made in infringement of the fundamental rights.


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