Top 10 Advocates in Haryana for Family

-I have had the advantage of perusing the judgment prepared by my learned brother, Wanchoo, J. 161 of the Code of Criminal Procedure can be put to a witness, but stated that only an omission which is irreconcilable with what is stated in evidence can be put to a witness. Receipts from those fees were entered in the general accounts of the Club, thus, showing an annual excess of receipts over expenditure of the Club as a whole. 38-3, dearness allowance Rs. The minimum basic wage there is Rs.

It was admittedly a bonafide members’ club, but under one of the terms of its lease, it had to admit non-members to play on its course on payment of ” green fees ” at certain prescribed rates. Those fees were paid by non -members. The workmen relied on the wages paid in the Bengal Paper Mills Ltd. at Raniganj, which is also a paper- making concern. , (as he then was), that the Club carried on a concern or business in respect of which it received remuneration which was assessable to ‘income-tax I regret my inability to agree.

As mine is a solitary dissent, it may not serve any useful purpose to elaborate on the question raised at great length. In the present company, minimum basic wave is Rs. The Tribune Trust, Lahore (1) that once the assessment is final and valid, it remains so until it is set aside, but once it has become final, it cannot be altered except under ss. Collector of Central Excise, Bangalore reported in 1996 (86) E. In the case of Decorative Laminates (India) Pvt. It is contended on the strength of the ruling of the Privy Council in Commissioner of Income-tax v.

Learned counsel for the Depart- ment also urged on the strength of Commissioner of Income- tax v. It was held by Hamilton, J. It was in no sense an exhaustive statement about the appellant’s requirements Barrister in Chandigarh High Court regard to the rehabilitation of all its blocks. For example, the case of The Carlisle and Silloth Golf Club v. I would, therefore, briefly refer to the relevant facts which have already been fully stated by my learned brother and express my views concisely on the question.

nThe petitioners who profess and practice the Sikh faith filed a petition under Art. All suits and proceedings whether of the first instance, appeal or revision of the nature as hereinafter specified in respect of the area for which a notification under section 4 has been issued pending in any court for hearing on the date of vesting. 35 and the incentive wage is said to work out to Rs. 186, this Court held that the process of application of phenol resin on duty paid plywood under 100% heat amounts to manufacture and in that connection observed that value addition and separate use are also relevant factors which the Courts should consider advocate in chandigarh for resitution of conjugal rights deciding the applicability of Section 2(f) of the Act.

Smith (Surveyor of Taxes) (2 ) related to a golf club which was not incorporated. nThough cases in England, by way of precedent for the decision of the case in hand, have not been cited at the Bar, apparently because the scheme of the Income-tax law in England is different and the words of the statute are not in parti material yet there are some cases which throw some light on the controversy before us. No other omissions were put in the cross-examination either to P.

Both the Tribunals have rejected the claim for raising the basic wage on the principle of ” Industrycum-Region Rate of Basic Wages “. nand you may say that it is because they are contrary to public policy they are unlawful; but it is because these things have been either enacted or assumed to be by the common law unlawful, and not because a judge or Court have a right to declare that such and such (1) (1902) A. No exception can be taken to the statement of the law by the Privy Council, which, with all due respect, is absolutely correct, but it is impossible to hold, on analogy, that the order determining that this unregistered firm should be treated as registered, had equally become final and not open to further consideration.

7-5-6 per mensem, making the total Rs. 32 Of the Constitution challenging the constitutional validity of s. 881 omission in the statement made under s. 26(b) of the Constitution to every religious denomination or any section thereof including the Sikh denomination ” to manage its own affairs in matters of religion”. The said two omissions were not put to any of the other witnesses except to one Permission to go Abroad Law Firm in Chandigarh whom only one of the said omissions was put. In fact, having regard to the nature and scope of the enquiry before the Tariff Commission, the report made by the appellant had to be restricted to the urgent jobs which it wanted to undertake during the execu- tion of its ten year programme; and so it would not be reasonable to hold that the figure of annual rehabilitation expenses which can be deduced from the said report has any relation to the claim for rehabilitation made by the appellant in terms of the working of the formula.

They contended, inter alia, (1) that the amending Act of 1959 was passed with a view that a particular group of Sikhs might not regain the majority it had lost on November 16, 1958, when the annual election of the Sikh Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee was held; (2) that the members of the Interim Board, Patiala, who under s 148B on the ground that the section violated the fundamental right granted under Art.


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