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and the Nizam was then steering a course north 86 degree east, making some allowance for the leeway to port for the set of the tide from north to south. He was immediately taken for medical attention and found to have suffered 10 injuries, some of which were by sharp cutting weapon. On analysis of the said section, it becomes evident that the following conditions must be satisfied before Section 14 can be pressed into service: Sanghi, learned senior counsel appearing on behalf of the Department has stated that at no point of time has the appellant taken up a plea based on Section 14.

Mason’s evidence was that he thought then that the Nizam was overtaking 993 that other vessel which must have been the Kalawati. Mason replied by one short blast indicating that the Nizam was turning to starboard. 387 to 389, 391 to 394, 396 to 399 and 401 and 429 were offered alternative routes. the Kalawati on the starboard side. The Kalawati then made an Aldis lamp signal and Mason replied I. The appellants in thirteen appeals, namely, Civil Appeals Nos. In view of the fact that the working of the formula leaves no available surplus the appeal must be allowed and the award made by the tribunal set aside.

If construction of the section as suggested by the learned Counsel for the appellants be accepted, the prosecution would be able to bring out in the cross-examination facts stated by a witness before a police-officer but not recorded and facts omitted to be stated by him before the said officer. Mason said that be had checked the bearings of the Nizam just before he left the bridge at 6 p. the Kalawati was several points on the port bow of the Nizam and near about 6-48 p.

133 of the Constitution and the present appeal has been brought to this Court in pursuance of that certificate. the third officer re- lieved Mason; Mason returned to the bridge at 6-30 p. Neither has the appellant met with any of the five conditions set out Best law firm in Chandigarh paragraph 21 of Consolidated Engg. His assertion regarding the place of incident and the manner child custody lawyer in Chandigarh which the occurrence took place is also supported by another witness PW-14 Berjinder Singh.

the look-out on the Nizam rang the bell twice indicating a vessel viz. on December 13, 1940, the Nizam took the pilot on board and proceeded to sea. We have already stated that the High Court of Bombay gave a certificate of fitness under Art. 00 million tonnes per annum which may be enhanced subsequently. Mason saw a vessel about two points on the starboard bow of the Nizam at a distance of about three miles.

Though said witness failed to identify the assailants as he had watched the incident from a distance, he lends complete support to PW-15 as regards other material particulars. Section 14 of the Limitation Act deals with exclusion of time of proceeding bona fide in a court without jurisdiction. The evidence of PW-15 Sukhwinder Singh regarding the occurrence that took place on 08. and took over from the third officer. Mason then said that at about 6-45 p. It appears from the evidence that at about 4-45 p.

and she was then two cables on the proper side of the channel. McLure handed over to Mason at about 5-55 p. On the part of the respondent, it should assist the joint venture in obtaining the required land for locating the project. The other relevant terms were that the appellant should arrange for the equity participation of the QTX in the proposed joint venture, that the respondent should invest domestice violence lawyer in Chandigarh the equity of the joint venture to the extent determined by the Government of Gujarat but not exceeding 26% while the appellant and the QTX should hold 74% of the equity.

2000 is fully supported by the medical evidence on record. Though they tentatively accepted the offer, presumably on the ground that it was the lesser of the two evils, judicial separation law firm in Chandigarh fact they obtained stay as an interim arrangement and continued to operate on the old routes. This result is not decisive on the question of construction, but indicates the unexpected repercussions of the argument advanced to the prejudice of the accused. the pilot was dropped and she proceeded at full speed under McLure’s orders up the swept channel, the speed being about 10 1/2 knots.

the Kalawati was about one mile on the Nizam’s starboard bow and was clearly seen to be crossing to starboard port. Since the appellant had come to this Court for the decision of the larger and more important question about the revision of the formula, we would direct that there should be no order as to costs. The capacity of the proposed plant should be 1. with a torch which asked for a repetition of the signal. Considering the nature of injuries suffered by him and the fact that Jassi was forcibly taken by the assailants the entire incident could certainly have afforded sufficient time and opportunity to PW-15 to recollect and identify the assailants.

, (2008) 7 SCC 169, which reads as follows:- 21. the Kalawati altered her course to port and indicated the alteration by two short blasts. Mason then ordered bard astar- board; he did this because under certain wartime orders a merchant vessel had to turn away from any ship that signalled. Mason altered the course of the Nizam 8 degree to port, because he thought that the Nizam and the Kalawati were on converging courses.


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