Top 10 Law Firms in Haryana for Divorce

So far as the tea garden is concerned, it has been specifically provided that an intermediary shall hold such land on the terms and conditions set out in Schedule F appended to the Rules. It is not necessary to take note of all such cases. nApril 9, 2015 ———————– [1] See Articles 330 and 332 [2] 10. , the relevant accounting year, must be divided or credited, as the case may be, in accordance with the terms of the Instrument ; and lastly, (5) that the partnership must be genuine and in actual existence lawyer in chandigarh for resitution of conjugal rights conformity with the terms and conditions of the Instrument.

The award in 1982 was passed by Land Acquisition Officer in favour of Khatedars. The agreements of 1974 and 1976 have not been produced and once the transaction is void, it can be questioned in the instant proceedings. It also emerges from the pleadings, that having accepted the bid furnished by the non- applicant-Daelim Industrial Company Limited, Korea, the applicant issued a ‘notification of award’ on 6.

The branch offices were managed by local managers and assistant managers who were paid in addition to monthly salary, annual and special bonus and dearness allowance. Rule 4 of the said Rules inter alia provides that the land retained by an intermediary under the provisions of sub-section (1) of Section 6 shall be held by him from the date of vesting on the terms and conditions specified in the Rules. Disqualification for office under Government company – A person shall be disqualified if, and for so long as, he is a managing agent, manager or secretary of any company or corporation (other than a co- operative society) in the capital of which the appropriate Government has not less than twenty-five per cent share (4) that the profits (or loss, if any) of the business relating 643 to the previous year, i.

at rates varying between 2% and 7-1/2% and in some cases at a rate as high as 12%. According to the learned counsel representing the applicant, the above notification demonstrates, the factum of a concluded contract between OPaL and the non-applicant; whereby Daelim Industrial Company Limited, Korea, became bound by the bid submitted by it, in response to the notice inviting tenders. We now examine the 1st submission of the petitioner.

They are entitled to enhanced compensation and not the Society. Thereupon, the consequential ‘notification of award’, would be treated as a binding contract between the bidder and the applicant. No extended meaning can be given to the exempted item to enlarge the scope of exemption granted by the notification. allowed a special emergency commission of 5% recommending that 1% out of the commission allowed may be passed on by the respondents to their sub- distributors. commission at varying rates on the different-products sold to them and with effect from April 1, 1944, the I.

The land was recorded in the names of Khatedars in the revenue records. Act run for a statutorily fixed time frame which is totally unrelated to the duration of the disqualifying EVENT. Though under the service agreement, commission was payable to the employees only if the turnover exceeded Rs. Hari Chand Shri Gopal Transaction being void, the Society has no locus standi, right, title or interest to claim the enhanced compensation; more so, family lawyer in Chandigarh view of the rejection of its objection vide order dated 4.

The respondents claimed to have distributed to their employees commission pursuant to the recommendation of the I. 3,000 per annum and 12-1/2% of the net profits of the company calculated by deducting from the gross profits of the business the salaries, wages and other outgoings. They are entitled to compensation and also to obtain developed land, as and when allotted. This principle has been reiterated time and again.

Whereas for the disqualification under Section 9A, the period of disqualification is co- terminus with subsistence of the contract (the disqualifying event) The logic of the petitioner is that disqualifications prescribed under Sections 8, 9, 10A of the R. Such exemption notification must be strictly construed and the assessee should bring himself squarely within the ambit of the notification. The respondents, a firm carrying on business in dyes and chemicals under the name and style of Colours Trading Com- pany, with their head office at Madurai and thirteen branch offices in different towns, were the chief representatives in South India of the products of the I.

1,00,000 net Proclaimed Offender Advocate in Chandigarh any year, the respondents claimed to have paid them commission at generous rates even when the turnover fell far short of that amount. In exercise of the power conferred by Section 59 of the Act, the West Bengal Estates Acquisition Rules, 1954 was framed and the same was published in the official Gazette vide Notification dated 28. Even if the two conditions mentioned in the second part could be read into the first, the discretion conferred by the section would still be arbitrary since the section neither requires that the Commissioner should give reasonable opportunity to the applicant to prove that he satisfies both the tests prescribed by it nor that he should give reasons for refusing the license and no appeal is provided for.

, a manufacturing concern. M was employed as the General Manager of the respondents and by virtue of an agreement, he was to be paid remuneration at the rate of Rs. In the year of account ending April 12, 1945, there was a revision of the scales of salaries of the employees, as a result of which the employees received an amount equal to 2-1/2 times the enhanced basic salary and also commission sometimes exceeding 12 times the basic salary.

Since, it is a case of exemption from duty, there is no question of any liberal construction to extent the term and the scope of the exemption notification. We would however like to reproduce the restatement of this member by the Constitutional bench of this Court in Commissioner of Central Excise, New Delhi v. The respondents received from the I.


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