Seasoned Law Firms in Chandigarh High Court for Rent

-The property never devolves upon sisters and their issues. 368 is perfectly clear and no limitations can be placed upon it on account of the preamble. However, it was observed that no such addition/enhancement was permissible where deceased exceeded the age of 60 years. 3 clearly deals with foreign territory and there is no warrant for considering clauses (b) and (c) in any other way as not relating to foreign territory. It is the duty of the court to equate, as far as possible, the misery on account of the accident with the compensation so that the injured or the dependants should not face the vagaries of life on account of discontinuance of the income earned by the victim, and the court’s duty is to award just, equitable, fair and reasonable compensation, irrespective of claim made Further, in Rajesh (supra), this Court while reiterating the meaning of “just compensation” with reference to settled principles observed that, at the time of fixing such compensation, the court should not succumb to the niceties or technicalities to grant just compensation in favour of the claimant.

(b), (c), (d) and (e) of Art. Rajbir Singh (ii) by 30% where he belonged to age group of 40 to 50 years, and (iii) by 15% where he was between age group of 50 to 60 years. That being so, the final hearing proceedings in this regard before the High Court are vitiated and the appeals filed by the accused persons being Criminal Revision law firm in Chandigarh Appeals Nos. After sometime, the Revenue authorities/respondent herein came to know that the Institute was committing breach of the aforesaid conditions, as it had not been providing free diagnostic treatment to at least 40 per cent of all its outdoor patients and it was also not giving free treatment to indoor patients having income of less than Rs.

Pertinently, this show cause notice dated 12. 1991 issued by the Director General of Health Services, New Delhi. The Court should not construe the 34 262 provisions in such a manner as would make adjustments of boundary difficult. The preamble is not a part of the Constitution. We therefore hold that the duty demand is not sustainable and accordingly, set aside the same, however, if the absence of any challenge to the confiscation and to the imposition penalty, both are sustained.

For the purpose of performing its functions under the UGC Act (see Section 12) like defining the qualifications and standard that should ordinarily be required of any person to be appointed in the Universities [see Section 26(1)(e)(g)] UGC is empowered to frame regulations It was said by Khanna, J. Option to pay fine in lieu of confiscation. – (1) Whenever confiscation of any goods is authorised by this Act, the officer adjudging it may, in the case of any goods, the importation or exportation whereof is prohibited under this Act or under any other Law Firm in Chandigarh High Court for the time being in force, and shall, in the case of any other goods, give to the owner of the goods or, where such owner is not known, the person from whose possession or custody such goods have been seized, an option to pay in lieu of confiscation such fine as the said officer thinks fit (5) When the statement relates to the existence of any relationship by blood, marriage or adoption between persons as to whose relation-ship by blood, marriage or adoption the person making the statement had special means of knowledge, and when the statement was made before the question in dispute was raised.

-Does property ever devolve on sisters and/or upon their sons ? There is no reason or warrant to restrict the language or the scope of Art. For the reasons given, I hold that Mr. nThe Institute was not charged any import duty as it had produced requisite certificate dated 11. 2 or 3(a) that foreign territory can be acquired and can become part of India. It is only by legislation under Arts. 2000 was issued under Section 124 of the Customs Act, 1962 (hereinafter referred to as Act) and after stating that the aforesaid breach was allegedly committed by the appellant, in the show cause notice, it was proposed as under: – “16.

500 per month and for this purpose, it had not got 10 per cent hospital beds reserved for such patients. The rights of citizenship and the fundamental rights do not affect the power under Art. It resulted in issuance of show cause notice to the Institute. It is of the essence of sovereignty to cede and to acquire territory. 835-838 of 2014 will have to be heard afresh by the High Court. So it was stated in the Full Bench decision of the Lahore High Court in Mst.

Wockhardt Hospital in their Institute cannot amount to their having exercised the option to redeem the goods, which comes at a subsequent stage namely when the impugned order of adjudication is passed. Now it is well established that Riwaji-i-am entries are to be taken as referring to customs relating to succession to ancestral properties unless it is stated to be otherwise. From the aforesaid provisions, we find that the University Grants Commission has been established for the determination of standard of Universities, promotion and co-ordination of University education, for the determination and maintenance of standards of teaching, examination and research Criminal Law firm in Chandigarh Universities, for defining the qualifications regarding the teaching staff of the University, maintenance of standards etc.

” At the foot the case of Bholi v. Bhavani Singh is not authorized to represent the prosecution in the Karnataka High Court in the appeals filed by the accused persons against their conviction by the Special Court. Every other provision in Part 1 of the Constitution envisages two kinds of territory-Indian and foreign-and there is no reason to envisage only one kind of territory in cls. in Sole Trustee, Loka Shikshana Trust case [(1976) 1 SCC 254 : [1975] INSC 185; 1976 SCC (Tax) 14 : (1975) 101 ITR 234] nThere is, however, one comment which is necessary to be made whilst we are on this point and that arises out of certain observations made by this Court in Sole Trustee, Loka Shikshana Trust case [(1976) 1 SCC 254 : 1976 SCC (Tax) 14 : (1975) 101 ITR 234] as well as Indian Chamber of Commerce case [(1976) 1 SCC 324 : 1976 SCC (Tax) 41 : (1975) 101 ITR 796] .


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