Seasoned Advocates in Chandigarh High Court for Anticipatory Bail

1), returned to his house. Like the trial Judge, the Judges who heard the appeal also had the assistance of two assessors. On the strength of the aforesaid notices it was urged on behalf of the Society that the limitation to seek the reference would commence from the date of receipt of the notices issued and received on 31. It is clear from the record that as and when any person had gone to the court to get the orders of the LAO enforced, the appellant Authority resisted such actions taking consistent stand and usually adverse orders have been subjected to decision Proclaimed Offender Lawyer in Chandigarh various proceedings.

Accused Sanatan Pradhan and his family members bore grudge against Brundaban for non- complying with the direction of the Panchayat. The facts pertinent to the present case, as unfolded by the prosecution, are that Upendra Pradhan, Debendra Pradhan and Rabindra Pradhan are sons of Sanatan Pradhan and Jamadevi is his wife. advocate in chandigarh for resitution of conjugal rights the instant case, notice under section 12(2) was issued to the Society by the Special Officer on 31.

They possessed land on an amicable division. 1, the accused persons decamped and P. The respondent then preferred an appeal and the appeal was heard by Chagla, C. Sanatan Pradhan and his younger brother Brundaban are having title deeds of their lands standing in their names jointly. We had directed the appellants to file an affidavit explaining the actions taken regarding the allotment which came to be made to others. 1982 in accordance with section 11 of the Land Acquisition Act.

93 and it was decided that Brundaban shall collect the Patta from his mother and hand over the same to Sanatan Pradhan. 1-the mother of the deceased, and P. On seeing them, the accused Sanatan and Jama Devi called out the other accused persons. He listed various cases pending Advocate in Chandigarh this Court and the High Court and executing court in respect of other cases. 1 brought all the three deceased children from inside the room to front-side of the house.

According to the prosecution story, a dispute arose between Sanatan Pradhan and his younger brother Brundaban when Brundaban did not yield to the request of Sanatan Pradhan to hand over the Patta of their lands to procure a loan as the Patta was with the mother. On the basis of this information, investigation was made, charge-sheet was filed and after the case was committed to the Court of Sessions, charges were framed under Section 307 and 302 read with Section 34 of IPC.

He became unconscious. Brundaban Pradhan Rent Law Firm in Chandigarh severely injured condition was lying senseless in a neighbours house. The reference sought was within the period of limitation. Thereafter, accused Debendra and Upendra caught hold of Rajib, the second son of Brundaban Pradhan and accused Rabindra dealt axe blows and killed him. Brundaban started bleeding profusely and groveled into the house of Kulamani Budhia nearby. Therefore, no blame of inaction or favouritism to others can be laid at the door of the present set-up of the appellant Authority.

When the villagers came out on hearing the shout of P. Then the accused Upendra caused injuries on the girl child Pravasini and killed her. An affidavit has been filed in that behalf by Shri Pawan Arora, Deputy Commissioner, that allotments in respect of 47 persons were cancelled and possession was not given. as to, whether- the collision was caused by the negligent action. No sooner did Brundaban enter his house and asked his children to sleep on cots, than the accused Rabindra, Debendra and Upendra, each armed with axe and lathi, rushed towards them.

Fearing for his life, Brundaban along with his family left his house and stayed in the house of Keshab Pradhan (P. 1988, treating the Society as ˜person interested and informing that an award had been passed on 30. of ‘the Nizam or of the’ Kalawati, the learned Judges who heard the appeal reversed the findings of the learned trial Judge. The question then is whether the action of not delivering possession of the land to the respondents on a par with other persons who had possession is an ultra vires act and violates Article 14 of the Constitution?

The local Sarpanch informed the matter to Jujumura Police Station. Accused Rabindra dealt two blows on his neck and head with axe. Thereafter, Panchayat meetings were held on 27. On the principal question. Sanatan Pradhan got angry and declared to ruin his family. When the Minister was the Chairman and had made illegal allotments following which possession was delivered, no action to unsettle any such illegal allotment could have been taken then. 93, Brundaban along with his three children, Sanjib, Pravasini and Rajib and wife Radha Pradhan (P.

Accused Debendra dealt a blow with axe on Brundabans head. Thereafter, the three sons of the accused Sanatan Pradhan focused their attention on his children and Upendra and Debendra caught the eldest son Sanjib from both sides and accused Rabindra dealt axe blows causing injuries on the neck and other parts of the body. According to the prosecution version, the entire incident was witnessed by P.


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