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Thereafter one day’s basic wage was to (1). The Constitution Bench decision and other decisions given by larger Bench are binding on us. Immediately, after Section 9, Section 9A was inserted by Code of Civil Procedure (Maharashtra Amendment) Act, 1970. Where by an application for interim relief is sought or is sought to be set aside child custody advocate in Chandigarh any suit and objection to jurisdiction is taken, such issue to be decided by the Court as preliminary issue at hearing of the application , date of enforcement of the 1980 Act, no State Government or other authority can pass an order or give a direction for de-reservation of reserved forest or any portion thereof or permit use of any forest land or any portion thereof for any non-forest purpose or grant any lease, etc.

Dosu Aardeshir Bhiwandiwala this Court had observed that: (SCC p. Siemens Atkeingesellschaft, (2007) 4 SCC 451, Official Trustee vs. Baburav Vishnu Javalkar , AIR 1966 SC 153, (Five Judges Bench) in Manick Chandra Nandy vs. As the trend of authorities would show, the proficiency in professional driving is emphasised upon and deviation therefrom that results in rash and negligent driving and causes accident has been condemned.

Only thereafter, exact “transaction value” gets determined on which customs duty is to be paid. The agony and anguish of the affected persons, both direct and vicarious, can have nightmarish effect Lawyer in Chandigarh High Court a motor accident, when a number of people sustain injuries and a death occurs, it creates a stir in the society; sense of fear prevails all around. CCE, (2004) 3 SCC 48 and Kamlesh Babu vs. Debdas Nandy, (1986) 1 SCC 512, National Thermal Power Corpn.

The legislature has, therefore, made complete provisions for the persons interested to file objections against the proposed acquisition and for the disposal of their objections. The Court while exercising its jurisdiction under Article 226 is duty- bound to consider whether: In City and Industrial Development Corpn. Sachindra Nath Chatterjee AIR 1969 SC 823, ITW Signode India Ltd. The main contention under this head is that there was no material before the Appellate Tribunal to justify the increase in the rate which it ordered.

Shekhar Naphade, learned senior counsel appearing for the respondent relied upon a recent decision of a Division Bench of this Court in Civil Appeal No. Making over of cases to Magistrates. – The Supreme Court may, upon an application made at any time by the appellant, extend the time within which an appeal may be preferred by him to that Court under section 30 or sub-section (2) of section 31. When such an accident occurs, it has the effect potentiality of making victims in many a layer and creating a concavity in the social fabric.

We have already pointed out that the scheme put forward by the company was to pay a production bonus of 13 days’ basic wage on a minimum production of 30,000 tons. Sub-section (2) of Section 5-A makes it obligatory on the Collector to give an objector an opportunity of being heard. in respect of forest land to any private person or any authority, corporation, agency or organization which is not owned, managed or controlled by the Government.

1085 of 2015 (Kamalakar Eknath Salunkhe vs. The decision of the appropriate Government on the objections is then final. The ratio of the above noted judgments is that the 1980 Act is applicable to all forests irrespective of the ownership or classification thereof and after 25. After hearing all objections and making further inquiry he is to make a report to the appropriate Government containing his recommendation on the objections.

Adjustments to this value are still to be made in accordance with the provision of Rule 9. Section 9A as inserted Top Solicitor in Chandigarh High Court the Code of Civil Procedure (Maharashtra Amendment) Act of 1970 reads as follows:- “9A. -(1) Any Chief Judicial Magistrate may, after taking cognizance of an offence, make over the case for inquiry or trial to any competent Magistrate subordinate to him. It appears that those decisions have not been brought to the notice of the Division Bench taking a contrary view Lajpat Rai Sharma, (2008) 12 SCC 577.

The declaration under Section 6 has to be made after the appropriate Government is satisfied, on a consideration of the report, if any, made by the Collector under Section 5-A(2). The negligence of one shatters the tranquility of the collective. 7) Once the transaction value is arrived at by applying the formula applicable in a given case in terms of aforesaid provision, exercise is still incomplete. It is only in cases of urgency that special powers have been conferred on the appropriate Government to dispense with the provisions of Section 5-A.

nThe Court has observed that it is worthy to note that in certain circumstances, the mitigating factors have been taken into consideration but the said aspect is dependent on the facts of each case. (emphasis added) The said statement of Rent Law Firm in Chandigarh reinforces the legal position that cognizance is always of the offence and not the offender and once the Magistrate applies his judicial mind with reference to the commission of an offence the cognizance is taken at that very moment.


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