Client Centric Law Firms in Punjab and Haryana High Court for Rent

Exhibit U-2 shows the particulars of other mills which have adopted the agreement. The Article also declares that the decision of the Governor shall be final. Lawyers Chandigarh was foremost in setting a merry holiday tone, which, passing from one to another, grew stronger and reached its climax when they all came out into the frost and got into the sleighs, talking, calling to one another, laughing, and shouting. 1 of the Excess Profits Tax Act, should have been answered in the affirmative.

The said bonus agreement, by its reasonableness and beneficent effects on the industry, attracted the attention of other mills throughout India. Advocates Chandigarh consented to go, and in half an hour four troyka sleighs with large and small bells, their runners squeaking and whistling over the frozen snow, drove up to the porch. There is no mention of this protest in the assessment file and that is what was stated by the Commissioner of Income Tax in his reply which he gave on March 3, 1953, before the Income-tax Appellate Tribunal and which has been set out above.

shouted Property Lawyer to his father’s coachman, wishing for a chance to race past hiThe old count’s troyka, with Lawyers Chandigarh and his party, started forward, squeaking on its runners as though freezing to the snow, its deep-toned bell clanging. If such an objection had been raised the question would have been referred by the Income- tax Officer to the Commissioner as required under s. In other words, whether an issue relating to a bar to the suit created by Top Law Firm in Chandigarh of limitation can be tried as preliminary issue under Section 9A of the Code It was so light that he could see the moonlight reflected from the metal harness disks and from the eyes of the horses, who looked round in alarm at the noisy party under the shadow of the porch roof.

Lawyers Chandigarh , NRI, Lawyers Chandigarh , and two maids got into Property Top Lawyer in Chandigarh High Court sleigh; Lawyers Chandigarh , his wife, and Advocates Chandigarh , into the old count’s, and the rest of the mummers seated themselves in the other two sleighs. You go ahead, Property Lawyer ! rang out Lawyers Chandigarh voice through the frost-bound air Property Lawyer set off, following the first sleigh; behind him the others moved noisily, their runners squeaking.

At first they drove at a steady trot along the narrow road. Article 192 stipulates that if any question arises as to whether a member of the Legislature of a State “has become subject to any disqualification” mentioned in clause 1 of Article 191, such a question is required to be referred to the decision of the Governor. The question that arises for consideration before this Court is as to whether the phrase “an objection to the jurisdiction of the Court to entertain such a suit” as used in Section 9A of the Maharashtra Manual would include an objection with regard to limitation.

The side horses, pressing against the shafts of the middle horse, sank in the snow, which was dry and glittered like sugar, and threw it up. He, therefore, set aside the order of the Government and sent the case back for reconsideration. Property Lawyer , in his old lady’s dress over which he had belted his hussar overcoat, stood in the middle of the sleigh, reins in hand. , who heard the application, thought that the Government had failed to exercise its jurisdiction by not deciding a point raised before it, namely, whether the appeal to the Board had been made within the prescribed time.

Sub Article (2) obligates the Governor to obtain the opinion of the Election Commission before giving any decision. It was contended on behalf of the assessee that he produced his accounts before the Income Tax Officer at Calcutta under protest. The appellant then moved the High Court at Madras for a writ of certiorari quashing the orders of the Board granting the permit to the respondent and of the Government refusing to interfere. While they drove past the garden the shadows of the bare trees often fell across the road and hid the brilliant moonlight, but as soon as they were past the fence, the snowy plain bathed in moonlight and motionless spread out before them glittering like diamonds and dappled with bluish shadows.

A hare’s track, a lot of tracks! (3) that there was ample evidence in support of the conclu- sion of the Excess Profits Tax Officer which was confirmed by the Tribunal, and that the question, whether the disallowance by the excess profits tax authorities of the commission paid to branch managers was justified under r. Decision on questions as Permission to go Abroad Advocate in Chandigarh disqualifications of members- (1) If any question arises as to whether a member of a House of the Legislature of a State has become subject to any of the disqualifications mentioned in clause (1) of article 191, the question shall be referred for the decision of the Governor and his decision shall be final Article 192 reads as follows:- “Article 192.

went the first sleigh over a cradle hole in the snow of the road, and each of the other sleighs jolted in the same way, and rudely breaking the frost-bound stillness, the troykas began to speed along the road, one after the other. Two of the troykas were the usual household sleighs, the third was the old count’s with a trotter from the Orlóv stud as shaft horse, the fourth was Property Lawyer own with a short shaggy black shaft horse.


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