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He asked Prem to open the office, but Prem told him that the key of one of the locks which was fixed on the door adjoining the stair-case, had been lost. 25 lakhs to the appellant herein. In the first instance, it requires to be remarked that only after amendment in Section 11B of the Act in the year 1991, any person applying for refund has to establish that incidence of such duty has not been passed on by him to any other person. Banwari Lal’s clerk, Naranjan Das, came to the house NRI Legal Services at 4-15 or 4-30 p.

According to Banwari Lal, the usual practice was to lock the door of the office which adjoins the stair-case and to bolt the other door from inside, but on the day of the murder the door adjoining the stair-case was looked while the other door was lying open. 2013 and ordered the return of the amount already paid by the appellant. Both the Counsel agree that a date may be fixed when the petitioner shall appear before the collector/Assistant Collector, Central NRI Legal Services Excise, Trichiapalli, to go into NRI Legal Services the question if petitioner should be granted the refund in spite of Section 11B of the Central Excise and Salt Act.

However renewal NRI Legal Services of seats was not permitted in case of 3920 seats in 2014-2015 and as such there was a net NRI Legal Services loss of 1170 MBBS seats in 2014-2015. By the said order, the learned Single Judge had set-aside the sale made in favour of the appellant herein on 17. no further orders are required in this petition, which stands disposed of. Determination of annual value of covered space of building and of vacant land -(l) The annual value NRI Legal Services of any covered space of building in any ward shall be the amount arrived at by multiplying the total area of such covered space of building by the final base unit area value of such covered space and the relevant factors as referred to in clause (b) of sub-section (2) of section 116A.

2014, the first respondent moved an application OJMCA 89 of 2014 seeking recall of the order dated 17. He gave the key of the NRI Legal Services other lock and then Prem took out a key from his pocket and opened the lock fixed on the other door of the office. 2014 stating inter alia, (i) The total intake capacity of MBBS seats in the country increased from 51598 in 2013-2014 to 54348 in 2014-2015. The inquiry or report cannot be looked upon as judicial inquiry in the sense of its being an exercise of judicial function properly so called and consequently- Parliament or the Government cannot be said to have usurped the functions of the judiciary.

During the course of hearing, an affidavit was filed on behalf of the Union of India on 18. The learned Single Judge also directed a fresh auction of the NRI Legal Services property in question. the learned Chief Justice at ” But the application to be made under s. The said application was allowed by an order dated 11. 144 is an application which must be made to the Court of the first instance whether the decree varied or reversed was passed by that Court or a higher Court.

Finding the door of the stair-case leading to the residential portion of his house locked, he came down and went away in connection with the election work. On his return he enquired from Prem about the whereabouts of his wife and Prem told him that she had gone out. We, accordingly, direct that petitioner shall appear before the concerned Collector/Assistant Collector, Central Excise, Trichirapalli on 22nd September 1995.

(5) For the removal of doubts, it is hereby declared that any notification issued under clause (f) of the first proviso to sub-section (2), including any such notification approved or modified under sub-section (4), may be rescinded by the Central Government at any time by notification in the Official Gazette. Pursuant to the order dated 17. Parameshwar Shau (1) are also in point. The learned counsel argued that the submission made by the first respondent herein that everybody knew the fact which was not in existence as on 17.

He went up to the verandah in front of the office and found both the doors of the office locked from outside. The unamended provision did not contain any such stipulation. He wished to go upstairs to the residential portion of the house and Prem at his request opened the lock of the stair-case, the key being with him. 2013 could not have been accepted by the High Court on the ground that the appellant herein did not specifically dispute the same.

After examining the matter in its entirely, we find that it is not possible to countenance the aforesaid submission of Mr. (5) Where the premises have been provided with any fixtures and fittings, the deduction for the maintenance of such premises shall be fifteen per cent of the annual rent and not ten per cent of the annual rent as provided under sub-section (1) of Section 16 of the Act. 2013 on various grounds.

He also directed the first respondent to pay an amount of Rs. The Commission is merely to investigate, record its findings and make its recommendations which are not enforceable proprio vigore. (8) If any owner or other person as aforesaid, liable to pay the property tax under this Act, fails to pay the same together with interest thereon, if any, in accordance with the provisions of this section, he shall, without prejudice to any other action to which he may be subject, be deemed to be a defaulter in respect of such property tax, or interest, or both, remaining unpaid, and all the provisions of this act applicable to such defaulter shall apply to him accordingly.


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